Bring a raw bar of oysters and clams to your party and you bring the “Wow Factor” too. You will want to make sure they are the freshest possible by calling in the Shindig Oyster Raw Bar from Southold Bay Oysters. We are pleased to introduce Southold Bay Oysters as a part of the NorthForkWeddings, SouthForkWeddings and EastEndExperience network carefully curated, pre-screened wedding, party and vacation vendors. These aquaculturists have an oyster and clam hatchery in Southold Bay (thus the name), and in season can provide any quantity needed, just when you need it. You will find none fresher than those served by Southold Bay Oysters. They are so succulent and sweet, just waiting for you to slurp up their briny deliciousness!

Until recently, oysters and clams could only be obtained through seafood markets and baymen who dug them from their secret honeyholes in local bays and creeks. As a result , their availability and pricing could be inconsistent and freshness could be an issue too.  In recent years, however, the aquaculture industry has regained a strong foothold on the East End, and now these bivalves are cultivated and farmed (literally) in local waters.

Now you and your guests can enjoy what local seafood lover have always appreciated – oysters (and clams) dug fresh from the bay and on your plate within hours, instead of days. It is an experience like no other, and the Shindig Oyster Raw Bar will bring it right to your party, wherever you are celebrating – the beach, the backyard, a winery  or a catered restaurant affair.

Southold Bay Oysters also offer tours, and tastings, right at their hatchery. Check out the operation to learn how they are cultivated, then enjoy a private tasting, with a local wine pairing. Now that’s an East End Experience!

See a full description of Southold Bay Oyster products and services at their North Fork Weddings Feature Page, and click on over to their website to book them for your wedding or event. Learn about their tour and tasting options here.

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