Getting ready to set the holiday table got us thinking about how beautiful the table looks with all the lovely china plates and serving pieces. When you have a big crowd, it’s nearly impossible to have every piece match, but does that matter, really? Mixing different pieces and patterns can be a conversation starter, especially among guests who appreciate the craftsmanship of fine antiques.

That’s why we just fell in love with the Knotted Teacup. This mother-daughter team turned their love of antique china and tea service pieces into a unique rental service, offering mixed and matched full place settings and tea service pieces for gatherings large and small. (They have linens, glassware and silverware, too!)

When you see the beautiful patterns and pieces, your wheels will start turning…tea party, Sunday brunch, bridal shower, baby shower—oh the possibilities are endless!

The Knotted Teacup was borne from the efforts of Lindsay and her daughter Lauren as they prepared for Lauren’s own wedding. As admirers of the patterns and styles of the china service of bygone days, they hit upon the increasingly popular rustic wedding idea of mixing and matching china service, and serving dishes. Once they gathered all the lovely pieces, they hung a virtual shingle and began offering them for rent, along with their tea party service.

You and your guests will enjoy comparing the patterns of the different sets. You will find Limoges and Wedgewood mingled with long-forgotten names, but no matter the style or opulence factor, everything is certain to taste better when presented on such beautifully crafted pieces.


We were also so very impressed with how helpful and friendly Lindsay and Lauren are. Since all their pieces are handpicked, they can help you find just the right ones for your event. And, if you call them in to do a tea service as well, you will be treated to white glove style service with a nice selection of tea blends for you and your guests to sample an enjoy.

Our hectic lifestyles these days seem to get in the way of enjoying the moment. We rush to the drive through for our meals and coffee breaks, grab an energy bar as we rush off to our next appointment, all the while checking our phones for the latest message to pull us in yet another direction.

So, when it is time to gather with family and friends to celebrate, for any reason, bring in some old-world elegance of fine china, glassware, silverware, and linens, without the chore of getting it all ready for use. Thankfully, the Knotted Teacup is ready to provide all you will need for a swanky soiree, so you can savor the moment instead of stressing over it.

Visit the Knotted Teacup’s feature page on NorthForkWeddings and SouthForkWeddings, along with Manhattan Weddings, and connect with Lindsay and Lauren directly at their website.

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