We are nearly a week into February, and Valentine’s Day is on everyone’s mind. I may get scolded for this, but to keep this day for lovers a happy experience for all, I propose (see what I did there?) that you take advantage of the mid-week date this year, and plan your most romantic activities for a day NEAR, but not ON the actual Valentine’s Day. After all, it’s a mad crush to get the flowers, dinner reservations, special spa day, or whatever else you have planned, on the actual day. In fact, I remember one Valentine’s Day when my love’s beautiful bouquet didn’t get delivered until 11 p.m. because a snow storm made it very slow going on the roads.

This is about savoring the experience, enjoying it, and taking in every moment. So, consider celebrating this day for lovers on the weekend either before or after February 14th. Then you truly can savor the moments.

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