This holiday week between Christmas and New Year’s Day offers a nice mini-break from our responsibilities, as we relax and enjoy the holiday celebrations. It’s nice to gather with friends and family, and leave the world behind for a bit, while you reminisce about year that has pasted and make grand plans for the new year about to be. I guess that’s why couples in love are inspired to get engaged. It’s so romantic to pop the question on Christmas Eve, or New Year’s Eve, isn’t it? Then you can launch right into planning the wedding for a summer soiree. Or elope on Valentine’s Day!

Oh but I’m getting ahead of myself (that can happen when I start talking weddings!). Before we get to far off course, please remember to take some time this week to be in the moment and enjoy the time with your family. Bake the cookies, play 100 versions of Monopoly or Pictionary, or whatever it is that your family loves to do. BE together. The shopping and baking and decorating and cooking is finished. You have been working all season to here—it’s time to just savor this as part of the journey to 2018.

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