Lana Rowe Photography is now a member of the North Fork Weddings carefully curated network of wedding and vacation services.

We are pleased to announce that Lana Rowe Photography is now a member of the North Fork Weddings network of carefully curated wedding, party and vacation services.

Your search for a wedding photographer is a personal quest to find someone with the skill to get the shot and the talent to interpret your vision. Lana Rowe is that photographer. Talented and versatile, Lana will work with you from the moment she is hired to make your wedding photography coverage a true collaboration of your vision and her skill. 

Some wedding photographers try to shoehorn their style into your vision – and leave the client disappointed with the results. This won’t happen with Lana Rowe.

Lana prides herself on her careful attention to every detail, including planning the coverage of the day, finding the best scenes capture – especially the details that are YOURS – and delivered final images and albums that are simply beautiful. Lana told us how much she loves her work as a wedding photographer, and one look at her portfolio shows that it must be true. She will capture everything from the walk down the aisle to the formal portraits of the wedding couple and their families to the candids of the grand celebration. If a picture is worth a thousand words, Lana Rowe’s photographs speak volumes – and you will love every one of them.

Learn more about Lana Rowe’s services at her feature page  on North Fork Weddings, and be sure to click on over to her portfolio to her fabulous work.

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