Anchor and Lace Photography

Are you searching for a photographer who will capture the your wedding reflecting how YOU remember it? Anchor and Lace is studio to call. This husband and wife duo specializes in rustic type coverage, with images are true works of art. Keith and Alexis Stein approach their photography from an unexpected perspective, and the results are beyond stunning.

Anchor and Lace Photography is an in-demand studio, and with one look at their portfolio you will understand why. They use the details in the scene to tell your story, in an artistic, imaginative, and bold fashion that will make YOUR wedding photos different from the rest. Alexis and Keith know how to make the most out of the scene, from lighting to posing, while also capturing that often-elusive emotion of the moment.

Their portfolio shows their versatility in vision, keen attention to detail and an uncanny ability to reveal their subject’s personality, all with the snap of the shutter. This photography is truly fine art, while keeping the photo-journalistic vibe fully intact. No image feels posed, even it if was. And, the backdrops in some of the scenes are just striking. Imagine the dramatic sunsetting sky, or the joyful pure love of a just married couple. Alexis and Keith see it, and capture it.

What’s YOUR Love Story?

We like to think that Anchor and Lace are so very good at wedding and engagement photography because they are in the business of telling love stories, and where better to find love than in starry-eyed couples getting ready to tie the knot. That favorite cliché – A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words applies here, but you would never call their work cliched.

Anchor and Lace Photography

When you select Anchor and Lace Photography to capture the beginning of your journey together, you are not just hiring a photographer; you are embarking on a friendship with people who love that you are in love, and want to celebrate with you. You will start with an engagement session, swoon over the wedding photos, and most likely find yourself calling on them when just you two have grown into a family. As a side note, Keith does consider family sessions for their prior wedding couples.

If you have a story of love to tell, Anchor and Lace are the photographers to tell it. Check out their feature pages at NorthForkWeddings and SouthForkWeddings, and click on over to their website to see the rest of their stunning portfolio.

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